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Glass is sustainable from its origin to its demise and therefore makes one of the best environmentally friendly forms of packaging available. It is 100% safe with no chemical leakage and its nonporous surface doesn’t absorb food, germs and smells making it the perfect reusable container. Glass jars can be reused for a zillion things, such as displaying candles or even saving the cents. If you don’t know what to do with your Delitaly’s rex glasses, here are some wacky and wonderful ideas to get you thinking.

50 wonderful and wacky ideas for your empty rex glasses

1. Dry Food Storage:

Lentils, muesli, quinoa, couscous or sugar. A mix of glasses looks good lined up along a kitchen shelf.

2. Lunch container for when you are on the move.

3. Breakfast container:

Great for mixed fruit and muesli.

4. Homemade Jam:

OK, an obvious choice but it’s worth a mention.

5. Pesto:

Again, pesto is easy to make and a jar of the homemade sauce makes for a thoughtful gift.

6. Pickled eggs/onions:

We admit they’re not for everyone, but you’ll always meet someone who loves them.

7. Treat jar:

Fill a rex glass with sweets to give away as a gift, or use it as a sweet treat for children.

8. Grow your own herbs:

Put a thin layer of gravel and soil in an empty glass and plant your favourite herb seeds.

9. Dessert dish:

The perfect pretty size for making a generous portion of homemade dessert.

10. Jelly mould:

Make delicious individual jellies using small rex glasses as jelly moulds.

11. Salad dressing mixer:

Make your own salad dressing and store it.

12. Spice container:

Pep up your spice rack by storing them all in matching rex glasses with homemade labels.

13. Baking containers:

Bring uniformity to your baking ingredients by storing flour, sugar and yeast in rex glasses with fancy labels.

14. Christmas biscuit gifts:

Tie it with a red and sparkly ribbon for that festive look.


Makes a great gift for those fun breakfast and brunch invitations.

16. Hot chocolate gift set:

Half fill a rex glass with luxury hot chocolate powder and then fill up the remainder of the space with marshmallows.

17. Birthday/ Christmas gifts:

Collect some mini rex glasses and make your own marmalade or jam for guests.

18. Beverage container:

Pretty up your beverages by putting your coffee, tea bags and sugar in rex glasses and covering the lids in matching fabric.

19. Bath fizzies jar:

Use your rex glass as a container for bath bombs.

20. Swear Glass:

To curb bad language, use it to keep those fines in.

21. Place settings:

Arrange cutlery and napkins in individual rex glasses for your guests for a rustic look at the dinner table.

22. Vase:

Wild flowers arranged in a glass make for the perfect shabby chic table centrepiece.

23. Plant pot:

Great for plants. The best thing about this is that you can see all the layers of soil and the root structure through the glass.

24. Candle holder:

Add a romantic vibe to the dinner table by placing tea light candles afloat in flower petal water.

25. Christmas lights:

You can make your rex glasses festive by filling them with fairy lights.

26. Snow globe:

You can even make a snow globe out of a rex glass – and this is the perfect activity to keep children busy.

27. Rose water perfume holder:

Fill with rose petals to make your own rose water perfume.

28. Potpourri:

Pretty and perfect holder for natural flagrant plant materials.

29. Memory glass jars:

As well as sand, you could fill jars with other holiday mementos like shells, dried flowers or small souvenirs.

30. Craft storage:

If you’re a regular crafter, rex glasses can help you keep your things tidy. Fill jars with sequins, pipe cleaners, ribbons.

31. Pencil sharpener:

Glue a pencil sharpener onto the lid and this will collect all those messy shavings whenever you sharpen your pencil.

32. Pin cushion and sewing kit:

You can keep all your sewing bits together in a glass and you can even make the lid into a pin cushion.

33. Wool containers:

If knitting is more your thing you can keep your balls of wool in different jars. They’ll look pretty displayed on a shelf.

34. Paint storage:

If you have a little paint leftover after decorating, rather than waste space by keeping the big tub just decant it into a rex glass– you never know when you’ll need it for touch-ups.

35. DIY storage:

Separate your different sized screws, nails, bolts and other DIY bits and pieces into separate rex glasses to keep everything tidy and well organised.

36. Book ends:

Fill two large rex glasses with decorative glass pebbles and use them as book ends.

37. Paper weight:

Follow the same method as above with a smaller rex glass and use as a paper weight.

38. Dice shaker:

Got more board games than you know what to do with but can never find the die? Keep your dice in a rex glass – and you can use it as a shaker too.

39. Jigsaw holder:

You can save space by putting your jigsaw pieces in a jar rather than storing countless boxes. Just make sure you don’t muddle up the pieces.

40. Inspiration:

Write some of your favourite quotes, poems and pieces of advice down on separate scraps of paper and fill a glass with them. Whenever you feel in need of a boost, take one out and read it.

41. Key holder:

If you feel like you’ve got a million sets of keys you’re always losing, keep them all in one place in a useful rex glass. 

42. Desk tidy:

Use your rex glass as stationary containers.

43. Desk bin:

Fed up of your desk being a mess of sweet wrappers? Use a rex glass as a mini bin so you can carry it all to the main bin at the end of the week.

44. Weights:

If you like working out you can fill up your rex glasses with sand and then use as mini hand weights to help with extra muscle definition.

45. Jewellery storage:

If you’re always misplacing your jewellery, you can keep it all in one place in a rex glass.

46. Watch stand:

Place your watch over a rex glass in the evening so the strap keeps its shape and you can easily see what the time.

47. Make up holder:

Keep your entire make up brushes, eyeliners, lip liners and other smaller make up items together in a useful rex glass on your vanity table.

48. Toiletry containers:

Place cotton wool balls, pads and cotton buds, along with bath salts, into separate glasses in your bathroom.

49. Hand and body scrubs:

You can make your own body scrub from olive oil and brown sugar or a lemon hand scrub featuring the same ingredients with added lemon zest and vanilla essence, put it in a glass and give it away as a gift.

50. Money Box:

Last but not least keep those cents in a rex glass.



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