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Eco-sustainability is such an important cornerstone in Delitaly’s  philosophy, that’s why we are committed to looking after our planet and our environment as much as we can. For a start, we are always finding ways to reduce our plastic usage.  As plastic has such catastrophic effects on our health, environment, wildlife, seas and global warming; moreover it enters our drinking water, poisons our food chain and costs billions to get rid of. With the world producing more than 380 million tonnes of plastic every year and having a decomposing time of up to 1000 years, it’s serious stuff!

Delitaly’s planet friendly

We at Delitaly’s use not only recycled and reusable Rex glasses but compostable and biodegradable Kraft bowls to serve our grab and go food. Here nature is allowed to do its magic by breaking down this material within a matter of weeks – making it a pollution-free option with no harmful leftovers!

Lifestyle alternatives to plastic

We can all find ways to be more eco-friendly and reduce our plastic waste in our day to day life. It’s often a case of stating the obvious but sometimes that helps. Here are just a few alternatives to the perils of plastic.

1. Choose paper packaging over plastic whenever possible.
2. Buy big bulk items rather than single serving/small packed quantities.
3. Stop using plastic straws or buy a reusable stainless steel or glass straw.
4. Buy glass filled products when possible.
5. Use stainless steel or glass for food storage.
6. Use a reusable produce bag such as cloth.
7. Give up/reduce the chewing gum. Gum is made of a synthetic rubber, aka plastic.
8. Buy cleaning and washing detergents in boxes instead of plastic bottles.
9. Use a reusable bottle or mug for your beverages
from a to-go shop.
10. Bring your own container for take-out or your restaurant doggy-bag since many restaurants still use Styrofoam.
11. If you are a smoker, use matches instead of disposable plastic lighters or invest in a refillable metal lighter.
12. Avoid buying frozen foods because their packaging is mostly plastic.
13. Make fresh squeezed juice or eat fruit instead of buying juice in plastic bottles. It‘s definitely healthier!
14. Opt for fresh fruits and veggies in bulk instead of in single servings.
15. Buy soap bars instead of plastic liquid hand soap dispensers.
16. Use a razor with replaceable blades instead of a disposable razor.

Drop us a line and tell us about other plastic alternatives we can implement in our day to day life!


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