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Secrets To Gnocchi Nirvana

Making potato gnocchi is one of those things that become easier the more times you do it. We at Delialy’s know this and decided to share our know-how on what to consider without bursting into tears trying! 

You might think that making great gnocchi can’t be that difficult, after all there are only four ingredients; flour, potato, eggs and salt. Yet, it can often be challenging to arrive at the right consistency. Here are some tricks to help you make fluffy, pillow-like gnocchi like ours

1. The clue is in the choice of potato!

Make sure it’s starchy! In Italy, you’ll find sacks of potatoes labelled “for gnocchi”. But like us, if you aren’t in Italy then you have a problem. Therefore chose those potatoes like russets, which are drier and retain less water.

2. Too much water in your boiled potato is a definite no-go.

The trick is to boil potatoes as a whole and unpeeled. This helps to keep them from absorbing excess water. Remove the peel as soon as you can so that steam is released rather than absorbed into the flesh. If the potato absorbs too much water when being boiled, it will automatically absorb too much flour making the dough dense.

3. Rule of thumb.

The less amount of flour used, the better the gnocchi. Always make the dough with still-warm potatoes as this will encourage the egg to bind the dough. In addition, never dump the entire amount of flour into the mashed potatoes, but gradually add it in. You want enough flour to hold the dough together, but not so much to cause the gnocchi to become heavy.

4. Handle with care.

Don’t overwork the dough. Over-kneading the dough will leave your gnocchi rubbery and heavy. Work the dough just enough so it comes together and you’re able to roll it out.

5. Test for texture.

Before you shape all of your gnocchi, make and cook just a couple. If the gnocchi falls apart, then you know to add more flour to the dough.

6. Last but not least, don’t overcook.

If you do, the gnocchi will absorb too much water and become dense and chewy. You know it’s perfect when taste and texture is light, airy and pillowy.



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