Founded in 2019, we have made it our mission to be pioneers of modern, urban Italian streetfood. With a few simple, fresh ingredients, authentic Italian recipes and the know-how to bring these flavours to life, we show you that you can eat well even when you are on the go. And not just stopping at good food, we serve all our products in innovative, eco-friendly packaging to make caring for our planet that little bit easier. It’s simply good food doing good!

Icons speak a thousand words

We have set out to use Icons on all our packaging to transmit our philosophy.

We abstain from flavour enhancers, colourings and preservatives in all our products.

Keeping with traditional methods on preparing Italian Streetfood, all our products are carefully made per hand.

Our products are made with 100% real natural ingredients to bring out the true flavour and magic of real Italian Streetfood.

We serve all our foods in innovative 100% eco-friendly, recycled and recyclable packaging.

What is important to us?


Not only do we use the freshest ingredients to bring our Italian products to life, but we also ensure that any food that fails the freshness test is immediately removed from the shelves. Transparency is important to us and thus we do not mislead customers by adding additives or preservatives to extend the shelf life of any of our products.


Because we stand out from the rest, we use selected ingredients from Italian cuisine to convey the magic of Streetfood to our customers. We consistently check the quality of our food, from each component to the final product. We would not give our customers anything we would not eat ourselves!

100% authenticity

Our trained kitchen team only uses authentic and popular Italian streetfood recipes, which are passed on from generation to generation.  All with the right combination of healthy ingredients and nutrients to keep our customers fit through the day.

Our commitment to the environment:

Our planet is important to us, and that's why we're pushing to reduce the environmental impact of ourselves and our customers by using environmentally friendly packaging, a less-waste policy and energy-saving practices.

Social commitment:

We believe that companies should be compassionate, and that's why we help where we can! At the end of the day, all our unsold and still very fresh food is collected and given to local charities  to be distributed to those who need it most. 

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