Markus Praschl, entrepreneur, Ironman and passionate lover of Italian cuisine is the man behind the scenes and the backbone of this dynamic company. After living, and working in Italy, Markus decided to bring the best of Italian Streetfood back to his home country of Austria. But just offering good Italian food for the fast paced urban lifestyle wasn’t enough for him. What he saw missing was good food doing good! Thus he set out to offer fresh, authentic Italian food with an eco-friendly and socially aware approach. It is this advocacy on social and environmental sustainability and his integrity on compassionate business that has made Delitaly’s Foodies to be a cut above the rest.

The secret to Markus’s success has been his adherent beliefs to stay grounded and not to lose touch to the grassroots of his company and his customers. He has proved to be an unconventional entrepreneur, applying a hands on deck approach by working diligently on each recipe, being up at the crack of dawn to help his kitchen team, deliver goods to local supermarkets and work at the flagship Deli’s Bar, preparing, serving food and chatting to customers. His untiring enthusiasm to optimize, change and improve his products comes from both carefully listening to his customers and his team. It’s his emphasis on feedback and open dialogue which has made Delitaly’s Foodies a continuously evolving and trend-setting enterprise.

Delitaly’s Foodies
MPR Trade Gmbh
Absberggasse 31 – Top 9
A-1100 Vienna

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