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We at Delitaly’s love Ravioli and it is now a firm staple in our grab and go range. Keeping to tradition our ravioli is made out of egg pasta dough that’s typically stuffed with various fillings and combinations of ricotta, meat, cheese, and vegetables and then served in a light delicious tomato or cream-based pasta sauce. To the bite it has a luxurious pillowy texture and the full envelope filling will make you just want to come back for more. Try making ravioli from scratch with your own choice of fillings. It isn’t difficult to make but it does require some practice, so here are some secret tips to help you make ravishing ravioli like we do!

1. Use Italian 00 flour.

For the best ravioli it is important to make the pasta as delicate as possible and therefore 00 flour is the best choice.  Only flour and eggs are needed to make the pasta dough.  Despite popular belief there isn’t any need to add salt or olive oil.

2. The thinner the better.

Ravioli has to be delicate. The sheet of pasta should be so thin that you can see through it. If you use a pasta machine to roll out the pasta then you should continue all the way to the narrowest setting.

3. Slightly over-season the filling.

When tasting the filling for ravioli, you should always season it slightly more than seems right when tasting the filling separately. This is because the flavor will be ‘diluted’ by the pasta that encases it.

4. Firm up the filling.

Add bay leaves, oregano, rosemary or thyme while your sauce is simmering and don‘t skimp on salt and pepper - constant seasoning throughout cooking helps!

5. Seal the ravioli without trapped air.

Make sure the ravioli is sealed properly. If there are pockets of air then the ravioli will expand whilst cooking, thus causing rupturing and thus leaking.

6. Cut the ravioli with a scalloped pastry wheel.

This handy pastry tool serves two purposes: it will make the ravioli look very pretty and due to the ‘bluntness’ of the wheel it will help seal it as well.

7. Turn the ravioli to dry both sides.

There is no one true Italian lasagne recipe, so be bold and make your own, combining different sauces, meats, vegetables and cheeses to create your own special one.

8. Cook ravioli very briefly.

Because the dough is so thin, ravioli takes only 1-2 minutes to cook in boiling salted water. If you cook them for too long, they may start to leak and the pasta will become too soft. So drain carefully and use a strainer.

9. Dress ravioli with a light sauce.

As ravioli is all about the stuffing, it is important to dress them with a sauce that does not distract from that. Classic examples are butter and sage, some gravy from braising the meat that was used in the stuffing, or a simple pink sauce of cream and tomatoes.

10. Serve small portions of ravioli on preheated plates.

Serving a small portion of about 6 ravioli makes them more special. Rather than consuming large quantities a smaller portion invites you to enjoy them slowly, savoring the wonderful flavor and texture.

These are just a few secrets to get you going. Drop us a line and let us know how you got on.


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