What does DELITALY stand for? Good food doing good!

Our inspiration for Delitaly’s convenience grab and go arose from our love for NY Delis and Italian cuisine. With a determination to provide the best for a faced paced urban life, we never compromise on taste, quality, and clean ingredients for our handmade products. Moreover we serve our produce in innovative, trendy, 100% eco-friendly packaging. In a nutshell, we stand for fresh, fast and good food doing good!

Super fresh, authentic, tasty, ecological and charitable

Our authentic and well-loved Italian street food recipes are made with 100% natural ingredients. Freshness and quality are important to us, that’s why we immediately remove food from the shelves when they aren’t up to scratch. But that’s not all! As advocates of social and ecological sustainability all our products are sold in modern, eco-friendly packaging and any unsold food is given to our charity partner, The Wiener Tafel.


We offer a frequently changing and appealing range of delicious Italian food, from pasta bowls, in a glass gnocchi, lasagne, ravioli, tortellini & co, crispy pinsa with toppings, chilled desserts, pesto, sugo and so much more. In addition we have a rotating vibrant vegan line inspiring our customers and proving that food without animal products doesn’t mean boring or bland but delicious and exciting! All our food is freshly prepared, authentic and hand made with a lot of care. Being one step ahead, we are always working on new and innovative recipes making it forever interesting for food lovers alike.

Pasta bowls

Our nourishing one meal clean labelled pasta bowls offer the perfect balance of carbs, proteins and veggies for every time of the day. Each one is handmade daily and accompanied by a delicious Italian sauce such as sugo or pesto and a sprinkle of fresh herbs. Served in high rimmed, eco-friendly, bio-generable packaging to keep those dishes cooler or hotter for so much longer!


In our Rex glass we offer a wide choice of filled pasta according to the season and what our customers want. Such as lasagne with bolognese sauce, ravioli filled with ricotta & spinach, or potato gnocchi with red or green pesto, sugo pomodoro or bolognese.  All of which are easy to prepare in the microwave. Just keep the lid on, remove the rubber band, clips and heat to eat for 4 mins at 700Watt! Leave to cool for one minute!


The secrets to our handmade red and green pesto, sugo bolognese and gorgonzola-ricotta sauce lie in our selected fresh ingredients, the composition and our Italian know-how. They make the perfect accompaniment not only our fresh and filled pasta but bread, veggies, salads and a whole lot more. Filled to the rim in our elegant Rex Tulip glass, they don’t just taste good but look good too!


Older than Pizza, this artisan flatbread is an Italian favourite dating way back to Ancient Rome. Keeping true to tradition our pinsa is handmade with a flour mix of rice, soya and wheat, which unlike pizza is then left to ferment for more than 72hours. This makes pinsa extremely digestible, light and airy to the bite. Topped with a choice of fresh prosciutto, mozzarella, rocket or salami, it’s simply irresistible to the taste!


Sweeten up your day with our beautifully crafted Italian treats. Each one is handmade daily with a combination of a few ingredients and delicately put together to make the perfect dessert.  To tickle your fancy, we have fluffy light tiramisu with mascarpone, cream, espresso and savoiardi biscuits as well as chocolate mousse with various toppings! Served in an elegant air tight rex glass to keep the flavours full bodied, intense and fresh.


100% Natural

We use 100% natural, fresh ingredients that are carefully selected and of the highest quality. All products are free from flavour enhancers, animal gelatine, colourings and preservatives. Nothing goes in to make our products last longer, taste different or look different. In short: it’s healthy, purist and honest food.


We serve all our products in modern, innovative 100% eco-friendly packaging. From bio-degradable pasta bowls to recycled and reusable rex-glasses for our desserts, pesto and pasta salads. We aim to reduce our impact on the environment and to make caring for our planet that little bit easier.


Our international, qualified kitchen team Connie, Joy, Gianina,  Akram and Mohammed hand-make  all our food every day.  We adhere to a high, strict standard of hygiene, with frequent handwashing, and the use of sterile gloves when in contact with food. Be assured to feel safe when you enjoy our food!


The trendy, urban flagship Deli's Bar at Vienna's Rochusmarket offers an exciting selection of Italian cuisine. Our qualified Deli's team redefine the definition of fast food, by serving you fresh, handmade and 100% natural food quickly, all day and every day! From authentic hot pasta dishes to fresh pesto and sugo, handmade pasta and super fresh handmade pinsa, be sure to be spoilt for choice. Take a look at our weekly changing menu to see what's new!




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